Dreaming of France

I dreamed I visited France. Then I flew back to my hometown elsewhere. I went up to the roof top of a building. I could see the entire skyline of the small city. I saw people sky diving, and they were dropping down from the sky. A few of these sky divers landed on my roof top. There were male and female sky divers. Strangely, they were all middle aged. I could see a beautiful sunset.

Meaning of dream:
I loved to see France and my desire triggered this dream.

Being on a roof top gave me the advantage of overlooking a vast scenery. This imagery coincides with my desire to see more of France. Sky divers dropping down added to the uniqueness of my tourist experience. I loved to take pictures of sunsets and add them to my collection of nature photos. This triggered dream imagery of a sunset. My brain has used a few familiar and nostalgic concepts, to compose a dream.

Middle aged people living their dreams sky diving and parachuting.