Dreaming of feeling ashamed for something that is not your fault

Did you ever have a dream where you had the feeling of being ashamed for something that is not your fault?

This dream was probably triggered by events, thoughts and emotions experienced during the day.

Anxiety can trigger dreams of feeling inadequate and self-blame.

Making the victim feel ashamed for being abused is a dirty trick to further weaken their will power.

Tricking the victim into feeling ashamed attempts to force them to submit.

Typical event scene:

Person A. waits for Person B. to show up at a meeting. B. is late because she tricked A. into arriving very early in the morning, saying there is clerical work to do. Person A. waits until she decides to call B. to confirm the appointed time. A. is told there is no clerical work due to confidentiality reasons. A. has a leaking water bottle, which broke because it fell off the clothes hanger hook at the back of a door of a toilet cubicle. A. had went to the toilet to get ready for her first day, which she treated as her First Big Day at this All Important Place. The hook was broken and couldn’t be used to hang anything. That cubicle destroyed her water bottle. When B. arrives, she immediately zooms in on the sight of the leaking bottle. B. blames A. for messing the floor. “What if someone falls on the slippery patch?”

A. is so embarrassed and apologized. B. looks at the cheap plastic tote bag that A. carries. B. then decides to continue her tirade about the wet patch on the floor. A. wants to cry.

B. walks away in search of a mop and bucket. She personally mops up the spill. A feels very bad. She has lost her water bottle to damage. She is blamed for messing the floor. There is no clerical work to do. She came early for nothing.

Dear Past- A.,

Please stop feeling ashamed for something that is a consequence of another thing which is not your fault.



Meaning of dream about muddy water.

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