Dreaming of fashionable dog collars

If you were dreaming of fashionable dog collars, it can mean you desire to have a good mentor/ companion. You will probably look up to this person.

If you see dream imagery of yourself wearing a fashionable dog collar, it can mean you entered into a subservient relationship with a sex partner. You chose to be obedient towards your “master”.

If the person in charge of the dog collar is your boss, are dominated by this overpowering relationship.

The dream of the dog collar symbol can mean a warning of the state of your relationship with the person concerned. In real life, you may not be wearing a dog collar, but there are indications that the relationship is based on unequal footing. This dream may be a reminder of the threat presented in the dynamics of the relationship. It may be your intuition sending a message for you to take decisive action.

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