Dreaming of eagles flying

Someone said they dreamed of eagles flying in a small formation. This was in early December 2020. By Dec. 24, 2020, the incumbent President Donald Trump released information pertaining to multiple rockets launched at the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

The dreamer said he had interpreted that his dream foretold this rocket offensive. He thought the dream imagery of bald eagles meant the rockets, because they were sleek and “bald”. Rockets are sleek by manmade design.

Other dream interpretations of eagles flying:

Are you about to start a project? If yes, then this dream is a good omen.

Dream interpretation of dead eagle: If you have an enemy, then this enemy maybe eliminated. If you don’t have an enemy, it means you’ll lose your job.

If you dreamed of eagles and you have fears in real life, it means you face bad luck.

If you dream an eagle sat on your head, it is a prophesy of a bad event coming to you.

If you dream of riding an eagle, it is a bad omen of the dreamer’s death.

if a poor dreamer dreams of riding an eagle, it means he will be rewarded by rich people.

If the dreamer dreams that the eagle threatened him, it literally means that.

If you dream that the eagle is friendly and talkative, it means good luck is coming to the dreamer.

If there is a female dreamer who dreams of giving birth to an eagle, it means there is a good omen predicted for her male off-spring.

Bird flying, bird in mid-flight.

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