Dreaming of directions

If you need directions to take in waking life, spend time alone with your pineal gland. Ask it to show you the direction to take. Then keep a watch for signs that something is sending you a message. This will give clues on the direction you’re supposed to choose. Sometimes, you’ll receive an intuition during the day, that tells you waht to do. Other times, you may dream about a message that tells you which direction to take.

The pineal gland is a legendary gland in the middle of your head. You can direct your questions to it, as it is allegedly the most intelligent gland in your body.

Watching The North Star

The North Star newspaper will be relaunched.

I would like to see domestic slavery and abuse abolished. This may never happen because human dynamics lean towards selfish motives. In this day and era, The North Star will still be relevant. Perhaps more than ever.


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