Dreaming of desert

If you were dreaming of a desert, it could mean several issues:

  1. You are isolated in real life, hence the dream imagery of a desert was used.
  2. If you were feeling hot or cold, your sense organ has sent this message to your brain, which then plays an image of a desert, in your dream. As a desert is hot during the day and cold at night, the purpose of this dream can be two fold. You might wake up soon after seeing the dream about being hot or cold. This is because you need to take the necessary step to handle the hot or cold. If you were woken up because of the heat you felt, then you might switch on the fan, or air-conditioner. If you were woken up because you felt cold, you might wear a sweater, or use a thick blanket in bed and return to sleep.
Meaning of dreaming of desert.