Dreaming of blooming garden & learning secret why it flourishes

Its the manure isn’t it?

If you have green thumbs, you might have been dreaming of your blooming garden. This is natural as you dream of your activity which you spent time in.

If you don’t have green thumbs and have never spent much time in gardening, then dreaming of a blooming garden is odd and holds several possible meanings.

  1. That you need to spend more time in gardening. There are several types of gardening in life, which are not the literal gardening in real life. Gardening can mean tending to your work, hobby, family, relationships & etc.
  2. You need to invest more effort to reap fruits.
  3. There may be a secret input of raw materials to nurture your garden. Someone may be helping you secretly. This dream might be a call to action for you to discover why is behind this secret help.
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