Dreaming of attic means

If you were dreaming of attic, it can mean one of these:

  1. If your attic is full of things, it means you lead a full life. You are satisfied.
  2. If your attic is empty, it usually means your life is barren and you may be still searching for fulfillment.
  3. If, in your dream, you see specific things stored in your attic, there may be more meanings represented by the nature of these things.

A young person may dream that their attic is empty. An older person can dream that their attic is full of things in storage.

The attic is traditionally a place for storage of things that are unused, but yet wanted. Or the storage is for things whose time has not yet expired for them to be discarded. If you dream of the attic more than once within a short time frame, then you should reflect and pay attention to what this symbol can mean in your life, in this present time.

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