Dreaming of antagonistic enemy

If you dreamed that someone was antagonistic towards you, it means you might be having an enemy. During your day, you probably was affected by thoughts of this antagonistic person, which was why this theme was carried forwards into your dream.

If you had no prior idea that someone was acting with antagonistic behaviors towards you, you would be surprised by this dream. During the day, you are being hit by many stimuli and some of these get ignored as they fall by the wayside. At night, while you’re asleep, your brain has time and attention to revise certain issues that were troubling your mind. This re-look is when a dream is triggered and the imagery can be a created one, slanted to present a message which was invented by your brain.

If your brain decided to tell a message about a new opinion, then you’ll be surprised by this new opinion.

Prompt – antagonistic.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.