Dreaming of a juggler

The meaning of dreaming of a juggler is to tell you that you’re juggling many tasks. Just like the role of a juggler, you have several things in hand simultaneously. You think its all right to multitask, but this method of handling imposes great demand on your time management and skills. You don’t have time to breathe. If you slack just one bit, you might drop one of your tasks. One word describes this situation – OVERWHELMED.

Using this dream analysis, you might like to consider slowing down your life. Try to reduce the number of tasks being juggled simultaneously. Declutter your list of chores and tasks to complete. You can also schedule tasks for different times of the day, or plan to do them on another day of the week.

Another meaning of dream interpretation of a juggler is deception. You maybe doing some trick to juggle and confuse others. If your mental stress has triggered this dream, then it is time for making changes, to stop this kind of dream.

Dreaming of juggler.

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