Dream seeing people in hot tub

If you dream seeing unrelated people in a hot tub, that could mean something bad is going to happen. When some strangers get together, they are usually connected by a common purpose. They maybe in hot soup, over trouble brewing about something. This type of dream is usually a warning. If you can relate to this in your present life, you might like to think about your actions to save yourself from trouble.

If you dream seeing yourself and your romantic partner in a hot tub, then the dream interpretation is that you desire to develop a closer relationship with your partner.

What’s happening with people in hot tub?

In the 1990s, Japan had a rising trend of having big bath houses called “super sento”. Hot tubs are popular.

In Finland, the people have a tradition of using a cycle of hot tub, followed by a cold bath and going outdoors for a breath of fresh cold air. Then, this cycle is repeated again. The continuous alternation of hot and cold encourages the body to release norepinephrine and endorphins. This makes the body feel good. This optimum state is called totonou, where happiness and clarity can be obtained.

Every individual has their own optimum saturation to attain totonou. A person may require three or more cycles of hot bath, cold bath and cold air to reach totonou.