Dream of voices

While awake, you may day dream of voices. If you are hearing voices (without logical explanation for their origin) consistently for around 2 weeks, you should seek professional help from qualified healthcare providers. If you consult a psychiatrist, psychologist or medical doctor, they will tell you that it is likely due to auditory hallucination. This can be triggered (set off) by psychosis, neurological problem or stress.

There are stories of people with medical conditions or disorders, whose nerves send messages to the brain. The messages can be interpreted as images, voices or sensations.

While the medical professional is quick to diagnose hearing voices as auditory hallucination, the experienced person may analyze it further. The voices may be your brain replaying old memories, or your intuition talking to you to relay messages. The voices can even be a combination of both of these.

How do you know what is the reason behind your hearing of voices? If you consult a psychiatrist, you will be asked about your present context, and possible factors that could be causing disturbance to your mental health.

Stress can be a trigger that activates your brain to replay memories of conversations.

Persistent level of high stress may trigger psychosis, a kind of mental disorder. This means mental thoughts and/ or emotions, are impaired and we lose contact with reality. For instance, the sufferer person thinks that voices can spy on them, know their thoughts, talk to them, talk about them, and disturb them. This illogical mental state is a type of psychosis.

There are many mental disorders (illnesses) that can be triggered by stress. You need to get professional help to diagnosis and treatment.

Another cause can be due to natural organic chemicals. Our bodies produce chemicals and excessive amounts of these can cause chemical imbalances. Excessive chemicals can activate your brain to impinge on your auditory nerves (or other nerves) and create the impressions of hearing voices.

Please talk to a psychiatrist to get help.