Dream of voices

While awake, you may day dream of voices. If you are hearing voices (without logical explanation for their origin) consistently for around 2 weeks, you should seek professional help from qualified healthcare providers. If you consult a psychiatrist, psychologist or medical doctor, they will tell you that it is likely due to auditory hallucination. This can be triggered (set off) by psychosis, neurological problem or stress.

There are stories of people with medical conditions or disorders, whose nerves send messages to the brain. The messages can be interpreted as images, voices or sensations.

While the medical professional is quick to diagnose hearing voices as auditory hallucination, the experienced person may analyze it further. The voices may be your brain replaying old memories, or your intuition talking to you to relay messages. The voices can even be a combination of both of these.

How do you know what is the reason behind your hearing of voices? If you consult a psychiatrist, you will be asked about your present context, and possible factors that could be causing disturbance to your mental health.

Stress can be a trigger that activates your brain to replay memories of conversations.

Persistent level of high stress may trigger psychosis, a kind of mental disorder. This means mental thoughts and/ or emotions, are impaired and we lose contact with reality. For instance, the sufferer person thinks that voices can spy on them, know their thoughts, talk to them, talk about them, and disturb them. This illogical mental state is a type of psychosis.

There are many mental disorders (illnesses) that can be triggered by stress. You need to get professional help to diagnosis and treatment.

Another cause can be due to natural organic chemicals. Our bodies produce chemicals and excessive amounts of these can cause chemical imbalances. Excessive chemicals can activate your brain to impinge on your auditory nerves (or other nerves) and create the impressions of hearing voices.

Please talk to a psychiatrist to get help.

A voice or sound can be included in a dream, or wake up the dreamer.

Dreaming of voices

There may be times when you think you hear voices and then you wake up. There are no voices. This probably means you were dreaming of voices. Or maybe there were real voices speaking and they stopped talking after you woke up.

Do you remember what they were speaking of? Yes and no. 2/2 times. I dreamed of hearing voices twice, on 2 separate occasions.

Did their content make sense? Yes & no. 2/2. On occasion #1 – the content was intuition/ prophetic and later proven true. On occasion #2 – the content did not make sense.

Did the voices sound like they were speaking just for the sake of talking? No and yes. 2/2.

If you hear a ringing sound in your ears and you’re not in a state of dreaming, you could have tinnitus. This is a medical condition when you hear sounds in your body, while normally, you would be hearing sounds outside your body. Sometimes, besides the ringing noise, you could be hearing buzzing or humming sounds. What causes tinnitus? Medical diseases and illnesses like diabetes, thyroid problems, migraines, anemia, and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus can cause tinnitus. You need to present your symptoms to your doctor and seek treatment.

If you dreamed of hearing voices, did you see ears in the same dream? The dream imagery of ears relay meanings too. If you see a damaged ear in a dream, or a missing ear in a dream, it can mean you didn’t wish to hear. Your inherent desire not to hear created the dream imagery of having a damaged ear or missing ear.

If you dream of having burning ears, it symbolizes you heard bad news or shocking news.

If you dream of having bleeding ears, it means you are hurting physically/ emotionally/ psychologically, and may be unable to hear.

Dream of hearing voices with accent can mean you have difficulty understanding communication around you. This type of dream suggests that you might need to filter through the accent to understand.

If you dream of hearing voices with your accent, it means you are being put comfortable with familiarity.

The reverse is true. If you hear voices with unfamiliar accents, it means you lack confidence in the situation.

Every dream character in your dream comes from you. Hearing a character with an accentuated voice means you too, have that in you. That accent is a part of your personality.

If you dream of an angel, and dream hearing the voice of an angel, then this message is important.

In dreams, you hear voices that represent iconic meanings. For example, if you dream of hearing the church bell tolling, it usually means there is going to be a function in church.

If you dream of hearing a wind howling, it can mean something is in the air; something is going to happen soon.

While asleep, if your ears are stimulated when they hear voices talking, then you may dream about hearing voices.

If you dream of hearing voices speaking about you, you must remember this after you wake up to do your self dream analysis. Your dream was created by your brain. What you dream about your characters saying, is your opinion being voiced by that character. That character is an expression of you.

You may dream of hearing voices if it was a dream of nostalgia. Your memories were replayed in the dream.

Dreaming of hearing someone’s voice can mean you had a secret desire to talk to that person. Your dream is your wish fulfilment as you get to hear that person’s voice.

If you dream of speaking to someone important to you, but you encountered a setback, it means that you’re aware that the person is not so keen on talking to you.

If you dream that you tried to talk to someone but you were ignored, it means that person does not wish to talk to you.

If you dream of using a channel of communication like a phone, but it fails you because of equipment or technical problems, it means your intuition is telling you that your try has failed. Your intuition had received information about the status of the situation. This information was stored in your brain and this dream was created to bring up this information.

Is there a difference between dreaming of hearing voices when the dream character is talking in front of you and dreaming of hearing a voice on the phone? Since your brain was responsible for inventing the dream, it knew enough to assign the type of communication. That is, to create the dream of hearing a voice face-to-face, or hearing a voice on the phone.

For instance, if the dreamer’s interacting conversation partner lives far away, then the dreamer’s brain would invent a dream with no physical contact. The communication would be hearing the voice over the phone. Dreams are created to resemble realistic scenarios.

If you read a letter in a dream, do you hear your own voice reading it?

Why did your brain send a message through a letter in a dream? It is a method to communicate a message. The message can be very controversial and opposite to the dreamer’s desire. This is a wake-up call to the dreamer, to be aware of unfavorable situations, to be realistic, and cope with reality.

When you dream of reading a book, do you hear your own voice reading it? Or do you hear a narrator’s voice reading the words?

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