Dream of sunken ship on seabed means

If you dream of a sunken ship on the seabed, it can mean a failed project which is abandoned. The dream imagery of a sunken ship may suggest something which is almost irrevocably destroyed. If you are still unaware of what this is, you should reflect on what is going on in your life. There could be a situation where you had been working on without much success. For instance, you might have written an incomplete manuscript and this project stalled for so long that it seems like a sunken ship. You might have an intuition about how futile the project is but you still can’t let go. You are urged to let go when your brain created this dream of a sunken ship. That ship sailed and its fate has been met.

On the other hand, the dream imagery of sunken ship can mean you’ll have to use other resources and methods to salvage and rescue it. If you are inclined to do so. It also means this is a tough project and there would be much damage. These considerations help you to weigh the consequences and decide if you wish to proceed with the salvage and save operations.

The third dream interpretation refers to hidden treasure or gem. It is hidden below surface level and can’t be seen without exerting efforts. Sometimes, when you are searching for directions (when you’re at a cross-road junction), it is like you’re searching for a sunken ship. You’re looking for something that is there, and yet is hidden from your view.

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