Dream of man shouting to cheat and kill his victim

I had a strange dream of man shouting to cheat and kill his victim. That was years ago. Then one day, I really heard a man shouting out a rant, to cheat and kill his victim. Although it was several years between my dream and the actual event happening, I wonder if my dream was a prophesy.

This dream can be broken into several parts.

Part (1) – Dream of man shouting

The dream symbol of shouting has its interpretation of being emotional in nature. However, sometimes, shouting can be a manipulative device to induce fear and submission in others. Shouting is a negative use of energy. It is unfair.

Part (2) – Dream of cheating.

The dream imagery of cheating means you are being taken advantage of. Perhaps in your waking reality, you face the situation of being discriminated against. Maybe you are still unaware of this issue. But your intuition has been triggered and the invention of this dream serves to warn you.

Cheating comes in many different forms. One type of cheating is deceit. A man or woman can fake a circumstance to cheat and deceive others. Sometimes, deceit is a form of camouflage or white lie for self-protection.

Part (3) – Dream of man killing his victim.

The dream imagery of violence has the interpretation of anxiety in the dreamer’s waking life. The dreamer fears violence as a form of bullying to oppress, suppress and manipulate.

Part (4) – Dream of moving house.

I had many dreams of moving house many years ago. I ignored those dreams as I didn’t see significant events in reality to warrant a relocation. Until the day when my basic safeties were threatened.

This is a pure coincidence that in the next neighborhood, but still within my local community, there was a domestic altercation and a man was arrested for attempted murder of a woman. The crime happened overnight from Dec. 29 to Dec. 30 2020.

Response: 6.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.

I had dreams of fighting, cheating, violence and weird happenings. These dreams happened a few years ago. Then recently, in 2020, I began to see my dreams being played out. This is the story of my reality, which may have been predicted by my old dreams.

The story of a waking reality started long ago. Two apartment blocks stood facing each other. One neighbor, let’s call them Neighbor A, lacked money to buy and cook delicious foods. Neighbor A telephoned Neighbor B, to ask to share their meals. But Neighbor B said they too lack sufficient money to cook substantial meals. They said they eat leftovers. Neighbor B wanted to cheat Neighbor A by faking their food and meal situation. Neighbor B started to switch off their lights during dinner time, to avoid being asked to share their dinners. This is cheating for self-protection.

On the other hand, when Neighbor A failed to secure their basic needs, it is their own fault. By intruding into the privacy of Neighbor B, they are trying to cheat Neighbor B. Reader, you might ask why can’t Neighbor B share with Neighbor A? They are not in the financial position to share food and money resources.

Meanwhile, Neighbor B eavesdrops on conversations of other neighbors, like Neighbor C, to spy on them. B uses information to their advantage, even though they know it is purely speculation.

Updated on Dec. 30 2020.

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