Dream of house with side door opening to garden

Dream interpretation of house with side door opening to garden:

Have you dreamed of a strange house? Maybe the house could be your future house! Dreaming of house that is new and strange, is actually a common phenomenon.

The side door can represent an unusual situation, or someone with a different taste. The side door is an access that allows secrecy and privacy. If someone uses this door, they do not need to walk through the main house, and be seen by other occupants of the house.

The door that opens to garden is a reflection of how the dreamer likes a garden and nature. Dream imagery can portray what the dreamer likes in real life. The reason why the door opens out to the garden, can be because the dreamer likes the flora and fauna in a garden. This can mean a dreamer who is artistic and likes the aesthetics of nature.

Gardener said hello.