Dream of fighting with my sibling means

Dream of fighting with my sibling means more than one thing is wrong. My dream interpretation is below.

Dream of fighting with my sibling means something is wrong.

When I was very young, I used to dream of fighting with my sibling. I didn’t understand it. I thought my sibling would not harm me. My dreams of prophesy were probably triggered after gut feeling or premonitions of sibling rivalry. Unfortunately, I could not avert or prevent the inevitable from happening.

When I grew up to become an adult, the real action started. I was tricked into making mistakes. True enough, my sibling slandered me to our elders. I was made out to be the black sheep of the family. I was threatened to carry two loads, or else they would talk to the psychiatric hospital to forcibly ward me for mental illnesses. I was shocked and scared. I ignored the vocalized threat because I had no earning power to support two loads. My accuser had to settle the problem themselves. I learned important lessons.

Do not ignore your dreams of fighting with somebody. Rather, reflect on them and make plans to deal with the situation. This can save your life, by averting harm from falling on you.

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#StoryCubesTales 13 October 2020 was posted on Twitter, by @VincenteLRuiz . He used two dice cubes with an embossed picture on the upturned faces. He asked us to write a story using these two pictures.

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