Dream of cast, dreaming of casting net

The verb cast can also be used as a noun. As a noun, cast describes a plaster or support to help stabilize and hold in place. For example, a fractured bone needs a cast to help it heal.

As a verb, the action of cast means to throw. Like in casting a net, or taking a pick out of a selection.

If you dream of casting a net, it means good news. You are going to pull in a load of good stuff. If you cast and haul up junk, you are expected to recycle and make useful stuff out of your catch. Alternatively, casting and hauling up junk can mean there was nothing good in the place where you cast your net, and its time to move on. Thus, dreaming of to cast a net can mean you’re going to search for new opportunities.

Sometimes, you may dream that the net was cast on you. This means you face a threat. You may be the one who will be getting caught in the net. In waking life, someone could be planning to catch you by a trick.

If your context is being “caught” because you willingly applied for a post/ position, then you are being examined closely to verify your suitability for a specific goal.

Casting Couch Dream

If you have filled your application for casting in a media production, then your dream would be a continuation of the theme that occupied your mind during your daytime.

For anyone who dreams (wishes) to be granted an interview on the casting couch, this dream could be satisfying your desire, and not a definite prediction of the outcome of your application. Its because your conscious mind has desired it so much that your unconscious mind invented the dream.

However, the Universe works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the invisible forces in the Universe may send you a “prophetic dream” to reveal a truth. In this case, your dream of being cast in a media production may come true.

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Meaning of Dreaming of Casting

If you have been searching for a new job or place to live, then you are the person who cast the net. You haul up your net and see what jobs are available. If you are house hunting, you cast the net to look for suitable housing.

Dreaming of casting a net does not mean you’ll be successful, but it says you should be spending time fishing for new opportunities.

When a woman dreams of casting a net, the interpretation is that she is enticing/ seducing someone with her feminine wiles.

When a man dreams of someone casting a net, it means he is aware of being targeted by a woman, who wants to seduce him.

Dream imagery of a net means a trap. To dream of a net usually means there’s a trap like a net to throw over you to catch you. This can happen in real life.

Sometimes, a net is not a net in a dream. The net can be represented by another kind of dream imagery. A good looking woman can be a net as she is able to seduce and trap her prey, which is usually a man.

If a man has met a pretty woman in his life and he dreams of a net, there could be an allegory between that woman and the net in his dream. This can happen when the woman seduces the man and traps him. She may use her beauty to cast her net over him.

This argument can also be run for a woman meeting her handsome man and ideal dream man. He casts his invisible net, which is his charm and good looks.

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Dream interpretation of net
Dream of net, dream interpretation of net

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