Dream of altar

If you dream of altar, it usually means you have an inner need to return to your religion. Maybe you need to pray. You maybe troubled mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Your dream of altar reminds you to turn to religion.

If you have a choice to make, and this dream of altar appears, it can mean a hint to you to sacrifice something at the altar. Or one of your choices has to be given up, for reasons best known to you.

Sometimes, you’re not in the position to make choices. They are made for you, or by the power of natural selection, or elimination. You may not agree when the selection has been made for you. Then when you see this dream, it is a reminder that in life, some people and/ or things, are sacrificed. You can’t always have your cake and eat it.

Dream of child sacrifice on altar.

Sometimes, a mother has to sacrifice her time with her child, when she has other responsibilities and work to do.

Likewise, when resources are in short supply, we have to sacrifice something, in order to utilise our resources effectively.

Dream of partner/ spouse on altar.

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