Dream of a woman eating her own hair

If you dream of a woman eating her own hair, what’s the dream interpretation? In dream analysis, the act of eating your own hair can mean you can’t let go of your past. You feel the need to carry your baggage everywhere you go. Hair is old and refers to your old baggage. You might be growing older and you can’t face this fact. So you dream of eating your hair, to eat your old age, to appear young. This makes a counterproductive effect. In the bid to eat the old, the person pulls off hair and then looks bald and old. To dream of eating your own hair is not good.

In real life, the habit of eating human hair is called trichophagia. It is a type of mental disorder. Before trichophagia is a regular behavior, the person often pulls out their own hair. This mental disorder is called trichotillomania. Hair is not digestible. If it travels through the digestive tract, it may get stuck somewhere along the way. This is dangerous as it can cause serious complications which may lead to fatal illness.