Dream interpretation wolf

If you dream of a wolf, its dream interpretation is related to the animal traits of the wolf.

If you see a lone wolf, it is quite unusual, as wolves live in a group, called a pack. If you dream of a lone wolf, it is likely that someone you know in real life, has been personified as a wolf. The wolf as a dream symbol, is not a real wolf, but someone whose behavior resembles a wolf’s.

A wolf is a territorial animal. It lives in a certain territory. It hunts for its prey in this territory and it raises its family in the same territory. Other wolves who don’t belong in the same pack, are not allowed to walk into claimed territory. The owner wolf of a territory howls to let other wolves in the distance know that their territory is claimed and stranger wolves are not allowed to trespass. If stranger wolves linger in another pack’s territory, there would be a fight with the owner wolves.

A pack of wolves has a leader who guides its comrades. When this pack hunts, all its members co-operate to capture the prey.

The female wolf gives birth to its cub in spring. This allows the young to grow strong enough to withstand the cold temperatures in winter.

If you see a wolf in a dream, it can mean that it represents a human in your real life. What the wolf does in your dream, is representative of what the human would do in your life.

Dream interpretation of wolf
Dream interpretation of wolf