Dream interpretation juggler

If you dream of watching a juggler, it usually means someone in yourself uncomfortable with trying to  waking life, is juggling events/ things to cheat you. Juggling friends, partners, jobs, projects, and etc., is precarious. It is a close shave to be juggling several tasks or people simultaneously.

If you dream of yourself doing some juggling, it means you are uncomfortable with multi-tasking. Your values are at stake as you ask yourself what you doing to balance several tasks.

If you had been secretly juggling a few issues together, you fear being discovered.

In the dream, if you see yourself the juggler, dropping an object which you had been juggling, it means something bad may happen. You may find difficulty in your balancing act and fail in something. This explains the dropping part of your dream.

You might want to pull your act together, make some changes and take some precautions, before your juggling fails and you get exposed.

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