Dream interpretation feeling hot

If you dreamed of feeling hot, it can mean a big change is going to happen. Unless of course, if your bedroom is not well ventilated and the sun is rising, then your room gets warmed by the heat. In this case, your body and brain received the stimulus of heat, which triggered this dream.

But if your room wasn’t hot, and you dreamed of feeling heat and being hot, then this dream’s meaning is that a change is expected to happen.

The early bird gets the worm (hot breakfast).

Other dream interpretations of feeling hot:

The dream symbolism of hot can mean hot tempered and hot headed. This refers to mental temperament. Using this definition, hot people are supposedly quick to get angry. If this interpretation is relevant to your context in waking life, then your dream was a message to make you sit up and take note.

While there could be many causes of your anger, the most common reason would be injustice. If you have suffered discrimination, prejudice, bullying, abuse and etc., you would be angry. You would want this issue to be addressed.

While an angry person is hot, the frightened person is shivering in cold.

If you had an angry episode during the day, this state of mind may be continued in your dream world.

Being angry and bottling up your frustrations can evolve to parts of your body feeling physical discomfort. This may give rise to medical and mental illnesses. Your organs may send nervous impulses to tell your brain that part of you is sick and that you need to get help to address the problem.

If you dream of being hot tempered and angry, your brain invented this dream to tell you that your bottled up emotions have reached a boiling point and you have to manage them before they burst out like steam from a pressure cooker. Unaddressed anger may be hidden in other emotions like sadness, hate, guilt, irritation, shame, resentment, self isolation and withdrawal.

What can you do after dreaming of being hot?

You should identify your triggers that make you feel angry. Then you try to avoid meeting these triggers. You should refuse to baited to become angry.

If you feel like addressing old angers, return to the person who angered you and confront them. If you think you can’t obtain resolution by confrontation, or that you may be harmed emotionally and psychologically, then you shouldn’t re-open then old wounds.

In either case, release your anger. Don’t think of the old issue again.

Avoid holding onto resentment because you’re making yourself a victim. When your emotional energy is trapped in anger, you can’t develop and progress to your next stage in life.

The metaphor of being hot in anger, actually warns you of what you hate. You are angry when you see those traits in others because you have/ had those traits. You hate those traits and hate to see them in other people.

You can use your angry energy to tackle the issue that made you hot with anger.

You mature when your eyes are opened to the injustices that made you hot with anger. You realise the immense depth of the issue and this brings out humiliation and strength to overcome this adversity. While you may hate your foes, you will also understand their plight. You may feel pity for your enemies. You will decide to take the high road, because you have courage to choose the right path.

Table of dream meanings when you dream being hot:

Table of dream meanings when you dream being hot
Meanings of dreaming being hot

One dream interpretation of “feeling hot” can mean the allegorical reference to anger. The dreamer may have experienced anger during the day prior to the night’s dream.

Dreaming of feeling hot & its dream interpretations:

  1. Dream imagery of anger can be a warning to you. The better way to cope with anger is to channel its energy towards constructive purposes.
  2. Anger can be a symptom of being wronged. Reflect on what injustice you faced and whatever issues that triggered your anger.
  3. One constructive way to deal with anger’s energy, is to use it to change yourself.
  4. Dreaming of anger (feeling hot), can be your body’s way of telling you to handle this problem, before the stress causes physiological disorders like high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia & etc.
  5. Anger can be a symptom of negative emotions. Examine your sadness, grief, anxiety, withdrawal, humiliation or other negative emotions. Manage these to reduce their frequency and intensity. You’ll see your anger slowly receding.
  6. What else triggers your anger? Can you reduce or remove these triggers that stimulate anger?
  7. A common trigger for anger is violation of personal boundaries.
  8. Can you adjust your behavior to avoid outward shows of anger?
  9. Dreaming of anger reminds you to focus on anger to heal, rather than be consumed by it.
  10. Calm your anger before it takes control as the reigning beast.
  11. Channel anger’s energy into harmless activity.
  12. When a situation triggers your anger, explain what you need and make the issue about yourself. The other party is not at fault.
  13. A compromise might resolve the issue that stroked your anger.