Dream interpretation boar

The wild boar is a species that belongs to the family of pigs and hogs. It has bad eyesight, but a strong snout to sniff out food from as far as 500 m away. The boar can smell edible roots growing underground. It uses its tusks and snout to dig at underground storage stems and roots to eat.

The dream image of boar can mean you have to use your senses and skills to find opportunities. There are chances of getting food and other resources, if you know where to obtain (dig) them.

This dream symbol is a good one because the boar is a resilient animal. It eats plants and small animals like the mole. When you dream of a boar, it can be a reminder that you’re strong and resilient. If you’re going through a tough time now, this dream will reinforce your confidence to weather the storm. You will emerge from the challenging time.

Flow chart dream interpretation of wild boar
Meaning of dreaming of wild boar