Dream hazmat suit

Naomi Campbell didn’t only dream of hazmat suit, but also wore one to LA International Airport.

Dream interpretation hazmat suit:

You are afraid of catching germs and contamination from people and the environment. This fear mirrors your real life. There are risks around you and you want to take measures to protect yourself. The hazmat suit acts as a barrier.

Be careful that in protecting yourself, you don’t shut out the nurturing stimuli that you need. When you try to keep out harmful stimuli, you might also deny acceptance to the good stimuli.

You might also ask yourself if you are being overly defensive. You try to keep out harmful irritants, but in the process, you also deny entry to the good stimulants.

During the pandemic of Covid-19, which started in December 2019, healthcare first responders, hospital medical workers, and travellers wore hazmat suits to protect themselves from the contagious virus. If you were in that stark reality, using a hazmat suit was the norm. Dreams tend to continue waking reality. You may dream of yourseklf, or other people wearing their hazmat suits. If you’re far removed from the healthcare sector, then maybe you’re more familiar with travellers in airports wearing hazmat suits to protect themselves.


How to make your own hazmat suit:

If you live in a geographical location where hazmat suits are a rare commodity for purchase, you can make your own by self-assembly. You can use a raincoat or two piece plastic suit. Your hair can be covered by a clean shower cap. These articles of plastic can be washed and sterilized after use. Every person who has need to use a hazmat suit, should keep an extra suit. While one suit is being wasked and prepared for re-use, you must have a spare hazmat suit to wear.

How to wash & sterilise your homemade hazmat suit:

  1. Soak pieces of your hazmat suit in qa large bucket of water mixed with 1 capful of liquid Dettol. Leave this soaking for at least half an hour.
  2. Rinse thoroughly in a clean bucket of water. Toss this water down the toilet and flush. Repeat this rinse again.
  3. Hang up pieces of the plastic suit on a clothesline to drip dry. When the outer surface is dry, reverse the plastic clothing to its inner side to dry.
  4. When thoroughly dry, fold and store your hazmat suit in a new, clean, ziploc bag.

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