Dream everywhere is flooded but you did not evacuate properly & climate change (updated)

You dream everywhere is flooded but you didn’t evacuate properly. You failed to pack your belongings. You only took a small cupcake. The dream interpretation is that you are not a greedy person and you carried out only a small piece of food. On the negative aspect, this dream tells you that you are not calculative or wise.

You may be undergoing an event that requires you to plan and pack for your future. This dream may have been triggered by the real life happenings that tell you an important event is coming. For example, your local area may be experiencing floods, flash floods, or monsoon rains. You should keep updated on weather forecasts and advisories. You might need to pack for emergency evacuation.

If you’re living near the beach, along the sea coast or water leading to the sea, you may be interested to know some facts on global warming and flooding.

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Effects of global temperature rise.
What causes rising sea levels?
Why rising sea level is bad.
How much sea level rises by 2050.
Sea level rise from 2050 to 2100.
Why fishing in flood water is bad.

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