Barberry Honey by TO YA

Barberry Honey by TO YA, a young Ukrainian woman living in her motherland. She’s on Twitter as @Toya_Danai,

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It starts with a coffee. Because who doesn’t need one?

Morning coffee before food.

Then David meets a pan handler who spits metaphors like a seer.

Dreaming of a beggar.

David fishes around for a room to rent.

Dreaming of male family member offering a stranger a room to live in.

Unfortunately, he is not as lucky as the blonde in this picture.

He smokes to reduce personal stress.

Dreaming of cigarettes.

David often asks a haunting question – what really happens to the parcels his post office is supposed to deliver? He asks his boss, the mysterious AB. The Universe arranged the meeting with the boss’ son, Kai, in a synchronicity of chance meetings. David seizes his golden opportunity to ask Kai, the same haunting question.

You guessed it. Kai side steps the question. Instead, he offers an olive branch. By way of exam answers for David’s Year 3 economics exams, because Synchronicity has made David and Kai share the same subject they study in university. Synchronicity is beautiful and convenient. But is it cheating?

Dreaming of forgetting to study for exam.

One night, David wanders around lost, failing to locate his Aunt Alice’s house, where he hoped to spend the night. By another stroke of sheer synchronicity, he sees a logistics vehicle from his company Ginkgo. He had been suspecting his company was hiding the true nature of its operations. He retrieves a package dropped off by Ginkgo and opens it. He is surprised to see a jar of Barberry Honey. At this moment, its revealed the importance of the title of this novel – Barberry Honey. It is the crux of Ginkgo and what binds everyone together.

Luck runs out for David as he is caught for pilfering the mail box, by a patrolling policeman.

Kai rescues David because his father instructed him to do so. This move fits into the bigger picture in. Wonderful synchronicity again. Accommodation falls into David’s lap. This set up throws David and Kai together. The former presses for the truth behind Ginkgo and learns it. He asks Kai to be let into this inner circle.

This is how I imagine good friends enjoying each other’s company.

Man shares a can of beer with his friend.

Kai reveals the true nature of Barberry Honey, and why he promotes it as a substitute to help lives. He is not the spoiled rich son and heir to his father’s drug empire. He has his own honorable mission.

The special goods are delivered via their own logistics network. Kai and David weigh and pack the parcels.

Supermarket deliveryman packed and unpacked my order.
Food Panda bicycle rider delivering food.
Deliveroo food delivery rider on electric scooter.

Contrary to expectation, there are older men working in the trade too. They have been faithful workers their entire working life and are nearing retirement. One such man is named Kind. He was set up to take the hit twice. The first didn’t kill him. So he was set up again. David was tested to show his loyalty, by obeying AB’s order, to kill Kind.

Grab delivery man.

This novel has a drug cartel in its plot. It warns against the dangers of consuming drugs and selling them. If you dream of. Being addicted to drugs, one of the common meanings is that you may have a Low self-esteem. You dream of using substances as a crutch, in lieu of a strong self esteem. This blog has a category dedicated to Dream Interpretation. An old post has some info:

Dreaming of addiction to drugs when you’re not an addict.

Here are more dream symbols and their meanings:


Cartoon/ doodle/ drawing/ sketch/ painting of a cab driver.

This book warns us not to judge a man by his external actions. Kai is a good man trying to redeem himself.

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