World Environment Day June 5 2020

On World Environment Day June 5 2020, I’ll like to say that I have been recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal. There have been some snotty noses who scorn me for taking my trash to the Recycling Bins. I just ignore them, and chill. I discovered I have enormous quantities of trash once I started to collect and sort them in bags. My household generated bags of paper, cardboard and plastic every week. Every. Single. Week.

I’m glad to do my bit to recycle.

I used to draw doodles on bits of recycled newspaper, fast food bag, cash register receipt.

How to recycle newspaper:

Corgi dog made of text, beige brown paper on blue gouache background.

How to recycle brown paper bag paper:

Draw doodles on brown paper for a natural background.

Dreaming of taking group photo.

How to recycle receipts:

Draw on the back of receipt paper.

Dreaming of a beggar.

How do you recycle?

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