White supremacy wants post-colonial slavery

White supremacy wants post-colonial slavery

There is a “white” woman living opposite my apartment on the same floor level. She tries to assert white power over neighbors who are non-white. She assumes they are slaves in this post-colonial era of 2021. She talks loudly of desiring a female neighbor to step forward to be her slave to look after her two kids. She wants to assert her white privilege to demand her social status be re-instated. She wants slaves from the descendants of colonialism. She complains to her cronies that her targeted slave is refusing to serve. She said, “She’s leaving me. She’s going to let it go.”

What else can I do? The foreigner speaks of sneaking out to work while residing with a dependent pass. This is seriously wrong. Furthermore, she wishes to exercise gross neglect by dumping two kids on a slave from the local community.

I see no slaves in my apartment complex. However, there are people who need to work for money, to maintain their mortal bodies with food, drink, and medicines.

This is not to say that all white women behave in her manner of post-colonial assertion of white supremacy. She is a gross uneducated mess. Maybe one step away from the KKK. Racism!

Abraham Lincoln is dead but his legacy lives on. His fight was lost on this type of white woman.

Queen Elizabeth is alive. She has accepted and respected all races of humanity.

So why is that white woman still using race supremacy privilege?

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