Where’s Freddy, the window blinds salesman?

Do you know this Freddy? His picture is below. Freddy is featured in this writing prompt, because I have to rewrite his episode for

#writethepandemic Writing Prompt

13, which says “Rewrite a piece of writing that you wrote before COVID-19 began”.

This is a comic I made last August. I wanted to try simple scripting, drawing and coloring. On hindsight, I should have written a different storyline … one with a real plot. I’ll try to rewrite this comic into a very short one. I’m thinking of a single frame picture. Without further ado, here’s

Where’s Freddy, the window blinds salesman?

40% discount on window blinds, blinded by offer.
Booking appointment to make blinds.
That feeling when you are denied service because manpower is down. Window Blind Woes.
Third day is the day you get a reply.
Finally, after 9 days, an appointment is fixed on the 10th day.
He cancels appointment in the late afternoon. After we had waited the whole day.
Salesman gives obliging reply that he’ll arrange for appointment.
Salesman took flight and didn’t make appointment.
Agitated, angry and giving up on salesman who didn’t keep appointment.
Salesman finally keeps promise to “arrange” appointment for on-site measurement.
Salesman Freddy finally makes an appointment to come for measurement.
After 12 days, we finally meet Freddy the roller blinds salesman.
Salesman didn’t bring samples/ swatches of fabrics.
Buyer has to visit store to make instant electronic payment for order of roller blinds.

Hey, Freddy! If you see this, give me a shout. Your window blinds are working well. Except for the bedroom blinds, whose drawstring should have been installed on the left side, instead of the right. The installation guys messed up.

If this comic was rewritten into a one frame picture, it would be like this:

(To be pasted here later)


#writethepandemic Writing Prompt from – Shelter and Write (#shelterandwrite), by Jaclyn Bergamino. List of 30 prompts here.