Waiting woman: Art

A woman from out of these parts approached me to tell her strange story. Her female boss dropped her at the top of the hill where a college was situated. She was told to wait for the boss’ son, who would be coming by bus, to pick her up. She was dressed in a blouse and matching bermudas. Her pink luggage was sitting nearby.

She asked me where the bus stop was. I pointed the direction. She said she had been waiting for the past 2 hours. I suggested she should walk over to the bus stop. She refused. She said other people would be coming to see her too. I told her that the entrance of the college was the meeting point for many people and the correct place to be. She wanted something but she didn’t say it directly. I suggested she should send a text message to her boss, of the son, to clarify that someone was coming to fetch her. I thought her story had holes. I couldn’t help a foreigner with luggage, with no clear goals.

She had nothing more to say so we parted ways.

By the time I left the area, I saw she had rolled her luggage down the hill and was talking on her cell phone. I thought she would sort out her complication by making her calls.

Woman waited 2 hours for her female boss’ son to arrive by bus, to pick her and her luggage up.
Security guard asks me if the pink bag belonged to me. Baggage left alone will be wheeled away to the store room.

The guard actually thought I was disowning the luggage (which wasn’t mine). He threatened to tow it away to keep in a store room. He was faced with the task of handling a piece of unclaimed luggage and he acted on it.

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