Dreaming of big bang

To have been dreaming of a big bang, aka dreaming of explosion, is bad news. You probably had a bad situation during your waking day and this theme was brought into your dream. You might like to reflect on what was the troublesome issue that triggered this dream.

On the other hand, a big bang could be the end of an episode, which signals the beginning of a new phase.

Other meanings can point to an event or a matter that has been blown out of proportion. Which explains why there is dream imagery of an explosion with a big bang.

A big bang, which causes a fall back to the ground, can also refer to a wastage of money and resources. Precious materials which are burned in the explosion, means in real life, you are depleted of resources.

A big bang can also hint at a start of a new relationship. It may start in a good, spectacular manner, like as in with a big bang. How it progresses or ends, is up to the two of you to work it out.

Dreaming of big bangs can also mean gun shots.

Friday night December 27 2019 saw two dead and seven injured in shootings in a car park in Houston, Texas. It happened in a warehouse complex car park in the 500 block of Smart Street, Houston. The group was filming a music video when big bangs were heard. The dead were identified as Gonzalo Gonzalez, 20, and Jonathan Jimenez, 22. The injured were between 17 to 22.

Dreaming of explosion

Dream interpretation of explosion.

The dream analysis of an explosion tells us that the dreamer is blindsided by a sudden event. This sleeper is likely to be confused in waking hours and this has continued into the dream. Things are not going well. The dreamer needs to think and evaluate about what is going on in life. Some people may not be co-operating, or the foes are plotting to surprise with a plan. On the other hand, if the sleeper has heard a noise during sleep, then this stimulus may have triggered the imagery of an explosion.

Have you experienced this kind of dream whereby a nasty noise beccomes the focus of your dream?