Continuous line selfie #17, #18

The left hand is harder to train. Factors influencing this continuous line drawing are:

type of drawing instrument (pen, crayon, marker, brush pen),

orientation of drawing paper (portrait, landscape).

Continuous line selfie using left hand

Drawing #17 was quite good and neat, but the subsequent no. 18 showed that it did not follow up to create an equally good one.

Continuous line selfie on landscape #15 & #16

Continuous line drawing without lifting pen from paper and without looking at paper.

The paper was rotated to use the landscape position, in a bid to allow more space horizontally. Psychologically, I knew I had more space to spread my drawing to the right, but my brain was not used to this new addition of space. I continued to squeeze my drawing on the right side of my paper.

Continuous line selfie Day 3

Dec. 6 2019 sees the continuation of the experiment to see if the right hand or left hand, will improve in continuous line drawing.

Continuous line selfie drawn without looking at paper and using right hand. #5.


A few minutes later, this is the partner drawing:

Continuous line drawing selfie, without looking at paper, using right hand.

This doesn’t look like drawing will improve from strength to strength.

Continuous line selfie drawn by dominant right hand

Selfie #3 and selfie #4 were drawn with my right hand, which is my dominant hand. The continuous line selfie involved drawing while looking into a mirror, to focus on drawing the lines. The drawing is made by spatial placement of lines, done y the motor movement of my hand. I did not look at my paper to control my drawing. These two selfies were drawn in the space of 3-4 minutes apart. They look pretty consistent.

Continuous line selfies drawn without looking at paper, using my dominant right hand.

Continuous line selfie drawn by left hand

I used a mirror to draw my selfie, with my left hand, which is my non-dominant hand. Another challenge was to avoid looking at my drawing paper, while concentrating on my mirror and not lifting my pen off the paper. The entire drawing has to be made by a continuous line. Yesterday, on Dec. 4, I drew 4 such selfies using my left hand. I also drew these selfies using my right hand, completing two of them.

For ease of comparisons to chart the progress of these selfies, they are numbered chronologically starting from number 1.

Continuous line selfie, drawn with non-dominant left hand, #5 & #6.