Fried by the fry

Fried by the fry – fiction.

Mama pigeon stole a long french fry for the table’s plate discarded by a tourist. Her babies fought over the fry. The weakest could not manage to squeeze in even one bite. mama pigeon had to fly away to search for more food. Hours later, all the babies breathed their last. The fry was poisoned. Somewhere in the city, the patron who bought the fries was also dying.

#1MinFiction, One Minute Fiction. Hosted by Cranny. We]’re supposed to look at the picture prompt and write a story for 1 minute.

Sorry for the macabre story.

Chestnut-backed thornbird

Plane stopped shuddering

During the brief time frame when the airplane was taking off, the craft shook like it was going to disintegrate into pieces. I had never felt so frightened. I immediately regretted taking the flight. Thankfully, the plane stopped shuddering as it stabilized in flight.

The above was all I could type in 1 minute for this challenge.

Hosted by Cranny Wednesdays, #1MinFiction Challenge. Mar 3 2021 pic prompt – airplane wing, photo taken from inside plane.