Synchronicity is beautiful

Synchronicity is beautiful – one of the first suggestions from my institute’s dean was on synchronicity. Dean suggested I write a thesis on “Synchronicity of acasual events”. That sounds like a mouthful, but actually its not. It is the simultaneous occurrence of two or more events which look like they were related. However, there is no logical thread that connects these events together and they happened out of strange coincidence. Yes! Synchronicity is like coincidence.

One day, I was reading about a beetle which was mentioned in Jung’s journal. For the next few days, I kept finding beetles in my home, near the windows. It was eerie. The beetles did not come in together in a group. I found them one at a time, on each day, in my sitting room. It was as if Jung was looking down at me and sending me beetles to salute his theory on Synchronicity being a phenomenon of non-related factors.

Writing prompt “Synchronicity“.


  1. So, you don’t think that after thinking about beetles, you’re giving off a beetle-attracting scent?

    I do enjoy when things like this happen.

  2. Very interesting! I’ve often wondered if the thought about the thing that I’m having simply makes me more aware of it so when I notice it in my surroundings, it isn’t new, it was always there before…?

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