#shelterandwrite prompt 5 My Comfort

During this Covid-19 pandemic, my local area authorities pleaded with us to stay home to avoid catching the virus and giving any bugs to others. On normal days, I enjoy being at home. Now that I’m kind of ordered to stay home, I feel like I’m a prisoner at home.

What is my comfort in this time of voluntary but not so voluntary stay home request?

My hot beverages. Namely, my morning coffee and afternoon hot chocolate. Not to waste your reading time, I’ll pick only one to write in great detail here.

My morning coffee stimulates my senses. I like the smell of coffee. I like the taste of sugar and milk in my coffee. I think coffee is the perfect beverage to kickstart my morning. The heat of the fluid warms my throat and chest as it travels down. This comforts me. I continue with my second gulp. Only the heat prevents me from chugging down my entire mug at one go.

The fundamental difference between drinking coffee without a stay home order, and drinking coffee with a stay home order, is that I get to use milk in the latter case. Being lactose intolerant, I can only add milk to my drink and food, if I’m at home, because I suffer from symptoms. It is not possible for me to drink coffee with milk when I’m outdoors. So during these days of semi-compulsory home stay, I can drink coffee With MILK.

I used to scrounge up my face when bitter black coffee hit my taste buds on my tongue. I can only add one teaspoonful of sugar to my cuppa. This sugar only has a small effect to allay the bitterness. Moreover, I can’t use two teaspoons of sugar because I might get sick with diabetes. I don’t taste bitter when there’s milk in my coffee. What a difference milk makes.

My quirkiness makes me appreciate staying at home so that I can drink coffee with milk. This is special for me.


#writethepandemic Writing Prompt from – Shelter and Write,  #shelterandwrite, by Jaclyn Bergamino

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