Mental Health Comic #28

Mental Health Comic #28 is about how to manage obsessions. A teenage male says he loves to draw, scribble and deface every surface he can lay his hand on. he has an obsession to draw on surfaces. How can he cope with his drawing obsession?

How to manage obsessions.

How to cope with obsessions.

  1. Change the view that doing the obsessive act is necessary.
  2. Replace obsession with something positive like exercise.
  3. Practice meditation or concentrate on keeping calm.
  4. be kind towards oneself and others.
  5. Participate in positive activities to surround oneself with positive vibes.
  6. Discover and use positive natural talents.
  7. Gradually expose oneself to fears and know that they are false fears.

Please seek professional therapy. Nothing can replace face-to-face consultation and intervention to address serious concerns.