Meditation using hearing #18

This belongs to the broad category of meditation using senses. The sense of hearing is one of our five senses. How do you practice meditation using senses? Pick a simple sound that is continuous in your environment. If you’re sitting at home while a pot is simmering over the stove, there could be a sound of the liquid bubbling as it boils. You can use this sound to meditate. If you have no other source of continuous sound, you might like to use a table clock, small portable fan, or kitchen timer, whose ticking is audible enough for you to focus on.

If you’re using a clock or timer, set it to 60 or 90 seconds. Listen to the ticking sound. Close your mind to other sources of stimuli, and mental thoughts. Listen to your chosen sound. If your focus strays, gently return to it. Listening to the same sound can become soothing. Many regular sources of input stimuli can induce you to feel comforted and soothed by its rhythm.

When your alarm rings to tell you its the end of your sound meditation, breathe deeply. Slowly receive the stimuli that surrounds you. Be attentive to the sounds in your background. Gently return to the pressing issues that are calling for your attention and time. Prepare to return to your station in life.

Be mindful of how you clean your ear.

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