Nature Therapy to Relieve Stress

How do you use nature therapy to relieve stress? The state of mental anxiety happens when we are fixated on our present thoughts about worries and dealing with stimuli. It follows that when we are not thinking about worries, and not receiving more input stimuli, we are not stressed, or feel less stress.

If we take a walk to see nature, we see flora and fauna. This means we receive input stimuli from the greenery and this displaces older thoughts in our mind. If we take a calculated route to see pleasant scenery like nature, we shall fill our mind with these images. At the back of our mind, there are still lingering thoughts about current stress. We should focus on what is in front of us, which is nature.

Looking at green grass is wonderful. It is amazing how grass grows and thrives in its soil. If grass thrives while facing natural elements like the sun, wind, rain and drought, so can we. For we are made to be better able to handle life.

Look at the grass along your path. Do you see different varieties of grass? Do you see wild flowers growing among the grass? I see all these. Grass and its companion plants are beautiful. Do you feel your spirit rising? Are you cheered by looking at these mysteries and beauty?

Flowering plant inspires me with its strength and beauty.

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