Meaning of dreaming of wounds

If you dream of wounds, it means you are hurting somewhere. You may be suffering from mental turmoil, physical pain, emotional hurt or psychological disturbance.

Dream analysis may reveal that you might be harming yourself knowingly or unwittingly. If you think that this dream is speaking to you in that way, then you should help yourself, ask for help, or look for professionals who are experienced in the field which can address your concern.

If you are hurting yourself, you can start the healing process, by reflecting on the reasons why you are may be doing neglect, denial, sacrifice, harmful indulgence and etc.

If you see dream imagery of a large injury or copious amount of bleeding, it means your wound is large.

In the same vein, if you see dream imagery of a small wound or small amount of bleeding, it means your injury is small.

Sometimes, you may not even know that you’re suffering from an illness. But your body knows. You may have felt uncomfortable or ill at ease. These are the signs and symptoms of illness which should get addressed.

What’s the meaning of seeing dream imagery of an old wound or scar? The dream interpretation gives that the old scar/ wound refers to an old experience which has left an impression on you.

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