Meaning of dreaming of Valentine’s Day card on other days

Meaning of receiving Valentine card on NOT the day.

Meaning of dreaming of Valentine’s Day card on other days:

If its way off the calendar date for Valentine’s Day, and you dream of receiving a gift/ card for Valentine, then its bad. It is like when your crush has sent a card to you, after the day, because they were rejected by their earlier choice dates and have chosen you as their second choice. Another interpretation is that something bad may have happened to you, which was why you were not around to receive a Valentine’s Day card on the actual day, or on a date near the actual day. In dreamscape, celebrating a birthday or festive day, on a day which is not the actual day, is considered bad.
In some cultures, it is deemed taboo to celebrate a function or event prematurely. However, it is alright to celebrate the event after the actual date has passed. This is due to a superstition on the fear of not living up to the actual date of the event.

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