Meaning of dreaming of rolling dice

If you were dreaming of rolling dice, it could mean you are gambling in a situation. This dream symbol is a message to you to check the pros and cons of an action plan, before you execute it. If you dream of winning at playing any game that involved dice, it could mean bad luck in real life. For a toss of dice is a gamble and the consequences may not be winning in the long run. The converse is true – if you dream of losing at playing dice, it can mean good news for you in real life. If you lose at gambling in dice, it can mean you have to take the path of careful planning and execution, to solve a problem.

People play card game.

If addiction to an activity like gambling is a problem, then join a therapy group like Gamblers Anonymous.

This is basically what happens in the 12 Step Therapy:

  1. Admit your problem and accept your current position.
  2. Believe that a Power can help you.
  3. Pray & meditate.
  4. Reflect on your moral values.
  5. Admit your wrongs.
  6. Promise to change.
  7. Pray to God for help to remove wrongs.
  8. Ask for forgiveness & make amends if it is safe to do so.
  9. Make amends if it is comfortable for the other person.
  10. Pray & meditate for strength to recognize mistakes & admit them.
  11. Pray for the Right Way and strength to do it.
  12. Pray for courage to spread the word, and practise these 12 steps always in my life.

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