Meaning of dreaming of ice

If you were dreaming of ice, did you feel its cold temperature too? Ice is symbolic in dreams. It means cold, lack of warmth, failure and distance.

If you feel icy cold when you see someone in the dream, it can mean that person is antagonistic to you. You don’t have a going relationship with that person.

Dreaming of ice on the road is a warning. Icy roads are dangerous to travel on. It can mean your journey in life is risky and full of challenges.

Walking on an icy road is difficult and risky. You might slip and fall.

Walking or driving by car, on icy roads, should be avoided. Dreaming of icy roads can mean this is not the season for traveling or doing whatever challenging tasks facing you. You might like to consider postponing and delaying until conditions are better.

If you were cod while asleep, the stimulus of cold can trigger a dream about cold ice. In this case, the dream has no other message than to send a message to you to get a warm covering to protect yourself from the cold.

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