Games people play

Games people play can be straightforward or complicated. The types of games people play are varied, fun or dangerous.

If you dream of people playing psychological games, you need to examine your life and decide if the dream bears any relation to your reality.

Here is a fun game.

People play card game.

This water color was done on the back of a grocery bill. This continues my attempt to reduce waste by recycling re-usable papers.

I have lots to say about games but that will have to wait for another time. I may update this post with more images.

This picture was done in response to:

Psychological games people play.
Disqualify you.
Forget/ neglect you.
Persecute you.
Guilt-trip you.
Gas-light you.
Shame you.
Pretend for dishonesty to you.
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Why people play these mind games:
Mental disorder (They may have senility, schizophrenia or somatoform disorder).

Psychological manipulation (for sick mind games).

For any of the 7 sins like ego, greed, jealousy, anger and laziness and etc.