Meaning of dreaming of being bald

Meaning of dream of balding woman or man.

If you see yourself bald in a dream, it means you are ageing. If you see someone else who is not balding in real life, but looks to be balding in your dream, it may mean that person faces hardship and is struggling so much that they age faster. It is up to your discretion to decide if you want to ask about the state of their life, and if you desire to help them.

Meaning of dreaming of balding man.

A man with a bald head has no thoughts sticking on his head. This is a metaphorical meaning.

Meaning of dream of balding man.

There is another meaning for men with balding head. His head without hair looks clean and shiny. To dream of such a bald head can mean there is cleaning to do. In waking life, there may be some cleaning work to do, to make the place clean and shiny.

Dreaming of a bald head can mean the person is sick and all his hair has fallen off.

The symbol of a bald man can mean that the person is sick. For example, if you dream that your father is balding, it could mean that his health is bad.

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