Meaning of dreaming of a well

Meaning of dreaming of a well.

The well is a good symbol in dreams, although it also carries some risky element.

The good part first. The well bores down to discover a natural source of water. It can be in the range of 3 to 18 meters deep (10 to 60 feet in depth). You save tons of money in the long run by using free water. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. You’ll save a tidy pile of money. Secondly, water from a well will be free from manmade chemicals that are used to treat tap water. Of course, you still need to perform some basic hygiene care before using well water for drinking. Besides boiling water for drinking, you may be required to do some filtration to remove harmful impurities.

The bad part about a well is that it is an open deep tunnel down. The opening should be covered and child resistant. If you have a child at home and dream of a well, the you should exercise care and caution to prevent accidents.

Generally, dreaming about a well is good news, even if you don’t have a physical well at home. Its the dream symbol that counts.