Meaning of dreaming of a passenger next to you in vehicle

What’s the meaning of dreaming of a passenger next to you in a vehicle?

Firstly, we need to know if you know the identity of this passenger? If you know this person, then it is normal to see familiar people in a dream. If you don’t know this person, there is no reason to panic. He or she may be a composite of a few people you know. Dreams do not replicate exact memories  but replay fragments of experiences   stored in memory cells.

Another aspect of the dream you need to examine is the fact that your are traveling in the vehicle. Where are you going? Maybe this dream hints that you will be traveling in a vehicle soon. Other views you can consider is – whose vehicle is it? If you don’t own a mode of transport, then this dream may hint that you desire to possess or use a vehicle.

Are you comfortable with your existing mode of transport? If you are not satisfied, then the dream may be a hint to you to get a vehicle.

Dreaming of taking the train/ tube.

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