Meaning of dreaming about art

Dreaming of being an artist.

Meaning of dreaming about art:

If you dream about doing any type of art like drawing, painting, creating and etc., then you are likely to have an artistic streak in you. In waking life, your inner consciousness is inspired by the aesthetics surrounding you. The spark of creativity in your subconsciousness has triggered the dream of seeing art and engaging in art in your dream. You should try to explore your inclination towards art. You might be able to nurture your natural talent and open a whole new world of possibilities.

One night, I dreamed about drawing in pencil, on a piece of paper. I was doodling a sketch. Strangely, I drew repeated over the same small region of the paper. My drawing looked like a mess of pencil lines in concentric circles. I woke up from my dream feeling puzzled. What was the meaning of my dream? I was probably trying to express an idea which was difficult to draw out.

Dreaming of art or the dream interpretation of being an artist, means you’re receiving a message from your creative self, which maybe asking your unconscious brain to send you that message.

Dreams of art can mean awakening  to your creativity. You can test this out by trying to create a piece of art.