Join me to Take Seven

A dotty neighbor has continued to gossip to her cronies about me. She expressed her deep displeasure at my lack of wish to do childcare and babycare for her precious son and tiny soft baby born not too long ago. She felt fully done with family. She had wrongly guessed she could give away her duties and snuck away to town to laugh and bounce.

I wish I could say to her, “Take seven minutes and think about others before you trouble them.”

pensitivity hosts Take Seven Mar 12 2021 . Her prompt words for the past week were:

acquired, ages, born, bounce, deep, denied, displeasure, done, dotty, family, full, guessed, laugh, looking, miracle, penance, precious, sidelines, softness, tiny, wish.

Take Seven is a special relook into the past week’s words and to use them in a writing exercise.

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