Interpret dream of being surrounded by walls

If you dream of being surrounded by walls, here is how to interpret this dream.

  1. The walls are a symbolic reference to the boundaries which surround you. The walls may mean you are being kept safe within them. If you feel restricted by the walls, it means the walls are a symbol of restriction and oppression.
  2. The walls keep you inside. Whether you feel safe or imprisoned, depends on your context in your waking life.
  3. If you feel insecure in your reality, then your brain may invent this dream, to tell you to erect walls to keep yourself safe. You need barriers, either physical or intangible ones, to. Mark your boundaries. People should not overstep into your territory and personal space.
  4. If you see a wall which is crumbling, or has defects, it can mean you lack adequate support from your defence mechanisms.
  5. If you see a wall in your dream, which has holes in it, it can mean there are. Spying eyes through the holes. You lack privacy.
  6. If you see inconsistent walls in your dream, that is to say, sometimes you see the walls, and sometimes, you don’t see the walls in this same dream, it has another meaning. It means whatever walled obstacle there was in your waking life, it was temporary. The obstacle and its problem have not been resolved. This explains the reason why it appears and disappears.
  7. If your dream showed walls that surround another person, it means that person desires personal space and privacy. Maybe during your day, you did not give much respect to someone’s territory and this issue has been bothering you. A doubt has been nagging at you and this triggered a dream about walls.
  8. If you.are experiencing bureaucracy and red tape issues at work or elsewhere, the dream of walls is a reminder to you. It shows you how things are and how you are surrounded by these barriers.
Blue cat sits at corner of colored walls and floor.