How to Find your Third Eye

She had her Stigmata, which was also her bane. Her strongest psychic aid was also her Archilles heel. Sometimes, her appendage refused to obey her brain’s command to move. She saw no practical use of her mark, save to remind herself she was one of the chosen, to complete a mission.

But her Stigmata wasn’t her only uniqueness. She also had her Third Eye. She developed her skill by telling her inner consciousness to utilize her Third Eye to send her messages.

“Where is my missing uncle?” she asked her Third Eye. That night, she had a dream. Her uncle was detained by the immigration authorities for over-staying on his social visit visa. She couldn’t believe the manifest message, and thought she should decipher it for a hidden, latent message.

A few days later, she received word from her aunt that her uncle had indeed, been detained. Whatever her pineal gland communicated in the created dream was true.

Now that the fiction part is over, the psychology part is below.

Find Your Third Eye.
I studied Clinical Psychology. One course was on Inner Consciousness. My mentor was an academic from South Africa. She designed a lesson on developing our third eye by making us try to train our pineal gland. It is a legendary gland, allegedly situated deep inside your forehead. We were supposed to get acquainted with our pineal gland. Scientific facts say it secretes melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep pattern. Psychology says our pineal gland is much more.

How to communicate with our pineal gland:
Step One – Go to a quiet place, like your inner sanctuary in your home.

Step Two – Close your eyes. Concentrate to focus on your pineal gland. Talk to it. If you seek answers to difficulties, ask it to help you. Ask one question at a time.

Step Three – Ask your pineal gland to send you the answer to your question.

Step Four – Pay attention to stimuli around you, happenings, thoughts, gut feelings and dreams. Your pineal gland may send you the answer through any of these channels.

After you receive your answer, then you can repeat the steps to ask your pineal gland another new question. You should only ask one question at a time.

Your Third Eye.

Meaning of dreaming of a third eye:

What is the meaning of dreaming of a third eye? You have two eyes. A third eye can mean someone is watching you.